Undocumented Trojans Online Resource Center


Welcome to the Undocumented Trojans Online Resource Center. Here you will find Campus Resources and Programs for Undocumented, DACAmented, TPS, and Immigrant Students, Faculty, Staff and the Community.



Explore USC’s numerous legal, medical, financial and spiritual resources. Find out about both long-term and emergency resources available to DACA, undocumented, TPS, immigrant and Trojans of various immigration status. Learn more about USC’s communities of support which provide unique tools and resources for student development and foster a sense of belonging.


Explore USC’s initiatives and projects that are supporting the Trojan immigrant student, faculty and staff population. Find out about events, community engagement opportunities, podcasts, campaigns and more.

Advocacy & Research

Explore resources to connect students and faculty alike with research and scholarly discoveries relating to immigration and global migration.

COVID-19 Resources

Explore COVID-19 updates and resources provided by USC, the Los Angeles County and the state of California. Those include guides to help you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.